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Monday morning saw the return of New Tech’s exclusive Field Day extravaganza. The event featured a variety of obstacles and challenges from Ultimate Frisbee to Tug of War to Kickball, and so much more. Students in grades 7th-11th were encouraged to participate in the three hour long event, though their opinions on the event as a whole varied.

Freshman Emma DeRogee, who isn’t fond of the idea, believes that high school and middle school activities would be better off if they remained separate.

“I’m stuck with a bunch of cringey seventh and eighth graders,” DeRogee said.

Even for students who share the same opinion as DeRogee, there were setups for every student to enjoy, specifically the snack stations. Tents were set up throughout the track and soccer field area which offered refreshing food and beverages for students to stay hydrated and replenished while being active.

One student who did enjoy Field Day was freshman Trey Snead, who feels that it’s only right to have everyone in New Tech involved.

“I feel like Field Day can be for [high school students] as well because I feel like it would be a little bit unfair for only the lower grades to have Field Day while the others are just doing whatever in school,” Snead said.

However, by the end of the event, not many students seemed too invested in what was happening on the field. Many students resorted to the bleachers or elsewhere on the sidelines, and in turn, cut Field Day about an hour shorter than scheduled due to the lack of involvement.

7th grade English teacher Daylyn Taylor explains that the whole idea of Field Day was to bring everyone together in a fun, enjoyable way before the school year ends.

“[The main purpose] was to have an end of the year activity that had all of New Tech together as one doing activities that are traditionally fun for children,” Taylor said.

Taylor then addressed how Field Day can be incorporated into the high school setting as well as in any other grade level.

“Most schools do Field Day, not high schools though. But we try to create a different culture and climate here at New Tech than from the traditional school. We just thought it’d be something fun and unique to do in New Tech. It’s not like kids at Sexton and Eastern are doing this stuff right now. It’s not like the thousands of kids in the building are doing this right now; they’re in class. This is just one more piece of our culture that we’re trying to build here, the community we’re trying to create, wanting kids to like being at school, enjoy what their school’s called and wanting to be a part of it.”

Taylor also mentioned that the lack of participation from the high school portion of New Tech could possibly result in next year’s Field Day to include 7th and 8th grade only.

Overall, the intent of bringing students together was successful. Changes for next year will only tell if student’s participation levels increase.

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