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A week after a paperwork error led to Upward Bound announcing it was shutting down, MSU announced it would fund the program. Incorrect paperwork for the grant application led to the grant not being funded by the government, and Upward Bound announced it would be shutting down the 50-year-old program that helps many Lansing high school students.
“Upward Bound is a program that you go to after school and during school and during the summer, which provides you with tutoring and allows you to get into MSU,” said junior Terencio Scott.
The program helps students improve in areas where they struggle in school, and gives them a place to do homework.
“I went there, did homework and I studied for the SAT. I got tutoring with some of the issues I was having, like math,” said Scott.
Another thing Upward Bound provides is help with organization skills they’ll need to be successful. Junior Vivian Ho attended the program for her first year, and found it very helpful.
“They teach you things that are important like time management and like study skills,” said Ho.
The students were preparing for another round with Upward Bound, until they heard the bad news.
“Mostly I was just disappointed… like it was just over and that was it, there wasn’t like anymore preparation,” said junior year Kiara Williams. “Especially because I’m going into senior year, and that’s like when I needed the most help.”
MSU did not abandon the program, though, and took action instead. They decided to fund the program, with some cuts.
This was a big relief to many of the students who depend on the program
“Things were very unfortunate, a lot of people relied on that program,” said Ho.
While there were some changes in programming like a shortened summer program, Upward Bound will continue. Some staff cuts were made, as well, in order to keep the program afloat. Students won’t notice any big changes to the program during the school year. News that comes as a big relief to many students counting on Upward Bound to help them achieve their future goals.

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