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In the activity room on Tuesday, students had the opportunity to attend a health fair during the lunches. At different tables, students were able to get informed and talk to representatives from local organizations about the services they provide regarding topics like health, pregnancy, violence, etc. Some of organizations present were Refugee Services, Ingham County Health Centers, and Shared Pregnancy Women’s Center

Some people like Thang Mung, a representative from Refugee Services, came to inform students about how the organization works to make newcomers’ lives easier as they transition into living in America.

“We want to help the students learn more about the new coming community and about the resources in the community that are available for them,” said Mung. “We provide English classes for adults, summer camps for youth, and afterschool programs at all the Lansing schools.

Being able to interact with students has made the health fair an enjoyable experience for some of the representatives.

“I feel like [the students] are really receptive to learning,” said Zaina Holcomb from End Violent Encounters (EVE). “We want to hopefully teach them what they can do so they can feel comfortable reaching out. I get my joy from helping other people through hard times with healthy relationships.”

Representatives like Nicci Shon from the Shared Pregnancy table encouraged students to take advantage of this health fair opportunity.

“I hope that kids are comfortable coming to the health fair to use the tables and ask questions because this is a great way for them to learn what’s available,” said Shon.


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