YMCA Field Trip

Xitlali Garcia



Yesterday Mrs. Robinson took members of project unify on a field trip to the West SIMG_3906ide YMCA. The students were to attend first hour and after meet in Mrs. Robinson’s classroom to pick up uniforms.The bus departed from Everett High School after first hour, 8:45. The bus arrived at the YMCA at about nine. Upon arriving the first thing on the list was rock climbing. Everyone was given a chance to rock climb, if they wanted. Only five people made it to the top to ringing the bell, two of the people being staff members. Next on the list to do was roller skating. Everyone who did not know how to skate was willing to try and were not afraid. “Alex did not know to skate but he was so excited to learn, so I had him grab the wall, for better support, while I held his other free hand,” said Senior Gabriel Cruz Torres. Once everyone seemed to have enough of skating, except Ki LO who plays on a competitive hockey team, got ready for lunch. Everyone received a sack lunch, Sun Chips, orange juice, and a chocolate chip cookie. The sack lunch coming from Everett came with a beef sandwich, pickles, applesauce, and an orange juice. After letting a few minutes pass by the students were ready for some basketball. There was enough gym space to have everyone play on the gym without running into each other. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. After being kicked off the court because a official game was going to take place half the students went back to skating while the other half went to play ping-pong. The bus arrived at 12 sharp. Everyone loaded and came back to Everett High School just in time for B lunch. “I had fun at the YMCA,” said sophomore Alex Torres.

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