Upward Bound Still Here

Briana Vazquez

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The Upward Bound program isn’t dead after all, but it isn’t as robust as it once was, due to a loss of funding. After a week of being told Upward Bound would no longer be funded, parents received a phone call from Upward Bound office manager Josie Lopez, who stressed attendance at an important meeting at MSU. The meeting originally was to talk about other MSU programs like TRIO that students could participate in. Instead, the meeting was about the discussion of Upward Bound continuance.

“[When I was told upward bound was not going to continue] I was sad, it was so much fun,” said sophomore Kenidee Lynn. “I got to spend time with my friends and I made new friends. Everything was fun, especially the summer.”

 A couple people talked that night including Associate Provost Sekhar Chivukula. MSU decided to  fund the program itself, making up for some of the federal funding lost. But certain things will change, including some cuts to staffing. Also, the summer program will only be half day instead of full day, except for the weeklong dormitory session, which will remain intact. The summer trip will still continue; the original plan for the trip is New York, for those who have completed the full requirements of the program.

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