Dance, Art, and Dessert

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Dance, Art, and Dessert was yesterday! Every year, the dance and art classes host two days (Sunday and Monday) to go present what they’ve been working on. The dance classes perform the different pieces they’ve put together, meanwhile the art classes hosts a gallery in the small auditorium.

Everyone in the community was welcome and were treated to cookies, so it’s just a day to appreciate the various forms of art while also treating yourself to a yummy dessert.

The overall turnout of the event was pretty good.

“[The event] was very well attended; everyone for the most part enjoyed the show,” said Art teacher Pamela Collins, who had her classes put together various pieces to display. “ One of the projects were portraits of famous hispanics and blacks,” said Collins.

Other pieces consisted of paper mache, monochromatics, kaleidoscopes, zentangles, pointilism, watercolours, cramline designs, and stamps made by the students made with styrofoam.

Students felt good about about their work being displayed for their loved ones and friends.

“I [felt] honoured,” said junior Kenneth Hobday. “It [felt] nice to have your work out [for] people to see it.”

The show is also a chance for students to expose their work to possible opportunities.

“[Two of Alex Torres’] pieces were selected to be in the Ingham Art show,” said Collins. “It’s the first time they’ve ever picked two pieces by the same person.”

The students themselves got to look around to see the works of their classmates.

“When I was at the show, they had some paintings where the paint was just splattered on the paper; it was beautiful,” said Hobday.

Next year, definitely consider checking out the Dance, Art, and Dessert.

“If you enjoy art, there are many great pieces,” said Hobday.

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