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Seniors prom season has finally made its way unto Everett High School. And boy has it infiltrated quickly. Today, April 13th  tickets went on sale for Everett’s Red Carpet Event (the the theme of prom). For an individual ticket the price is set at $40 and for a couple the price is $70.

Prom is set to be May 12th which is a Friday and for the people have been key factors in the fundraising process can’t wait for the final product.

“I’m excited not to have to worry about it anymore,” said senior class advisor Kailyn Jones.

For others who will just be attending the thought of getting to dress up is the most exciting part.

“You get to see everyone at their best and, that’s just so exciting. You can tell a lot about person from the color they wear too. It’s interesting,” said senior Xitlali Garcia.

For most seniors here at EV it’s the first and only prom they’ll attend which makes the memory that much more special.

“I don’t what to expect, everything is a first experience,” said Garcia.

When it all boils down to it that’s exactly what prom is about. The experience and not only with May 12 be a red carpet event it’ll be a magical experience as well.

Something you don’t want to miss so grab your tickets from the student center during lunches and after school!IMG_0053

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