Good Friday remembrances part of Easter celebration



For Christians, Good Friday is celebrated today. It’s always the Friday before Easter, and is a remembrance of the day Jesus was crucified.

Some Christian churches celebrate it by having services in the evening. Many communities have a Good Friday service at noon. Basically it’s remembrance of Jesus and the causes of his death.

“We go to church and just praise and thank Jesus for all he has done for us,” said senior Jeanne Murekatete. “We normally go to church in the afternoon. Some [services] are also in the morning.”

Some people spend the day fasting.

“You can fast if you want but it is [your] decision,” says Junior Monica Granado. “A lot of people fast on Good Friday; [some people also] fast on Ash Wednesday.”

All of the Lansing School District’s schools are open today, but a few schools in Lansing and many other cities are closed due to the celebration of Good Friday. Some students at Everett have been wondering why they have school, while other schools get the day off.

“My teachers have been telling me that the reason why we don’t have a day off on Good Friday is because they added the day off for us before we started our spring break,” said sophomore Diane Mohoro. “But having that day off was much better than having it today.”

Others still think it’s unfair because other schools also had an early release from Spring Break, as well as today off.

“My younger siblings don’t go to schools in the Lansing School District and they still had that Friday before Spring Break off. They also had a day off today too. I agree that we should have a day off today because it’s a holiday and I wouldn’t mind staying home on a Friday,” said sophomore Rahma Ali.

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