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Tuesday was the start of students doing standardized tests. Juniors took the SAT with the essay while freshmen came to take the PSAT. Students were asked to come in by 7:25AM to begin testing. The day before, different colored index cards were passed out to students to notify them on what classroom they would be testing in. All testing was done by around 1:00PM and those students were released to attend their sixth hour for the remainder of the school today.

Some students said they felt they did decently on their SAT and had few concerns with their performance.

“I [did not do] as well as I should’ve due to time consuming parts of it,” said junior David Tran. “Which makes sense, because it’s designed kinda to waste time so it’s harder to answer questions. I didn’t really feel anything after taking it because I treated the SAT like any other school test. Also, you can retake it so you really have no worries.”

Unlike in past years when students were able to leave after testing, this year there was still class afterwards. However, many students disagreed with that and just left after testing was done.  

“I most definitely left after testing because we weren’t going to do anything in my next class,” said junior Joi Thurman. “I think it was pointless to not have the rest of the day off because we just got done taking a four hour test and I believe that we deserve some rest!”

Next week, juniors will be finishing their testing by doing an online test called the MME on Monday and Tuesday.


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