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Today the students of Ms. McGonigal’s 2nd and 5th hour took a field trip to Cooley law school to research for a class project they are doing. They have recently read the book Of Mice and Men and are now studying to act out a debate on how a character in the book named George should be punished for killing another character, Lennie. They have been planning this trip for about a week or so and were very enthusiastic about it.

People are allowed to come in and out of the school as they please, as long as they are using the building for reference in law. The staff do give tours occasionally, just not usually of that scale, taking in two or three people at a time. “We usually take them around the building and show them everything in the library and where to find the things that they need to find,” said Law Librarian Randy Foreman. “I am also a teacher at the school, but I usually spend about 24 hours at the reference desk. Although I can point them in the right direction, I am not allowed to give just anyone legal advice, because if I do the school could get sued.”

The students were given a tour, instructed, and then were allowed to work in their groups to research the things that they need to. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Laughs and chatter were heard all across the room and the students were sharing information needed and working along with each other nicely, making it a very successful field trip.

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