Brain Dissections in Anatomy

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    Walk in, sit down and, stare at your brain. Not your own brain, but the brain you’ll be dissecting. As you’re sitting there think about what the dura matter looks like. Can you describe it? Do you know what it is?


Now cut it off. DON’T cut the brain in any form or fashion.

Before you proceed identify the the four lobes of the brain. Done?

Now cut the brain vertically in half.

Identify the meninges, medulla oblongata, midbrain, cerebellum, thalamus, hypothalamus broca’s area, wernicke’s area, and 4th ventricle. Ask for help if you can’t find all of them.

Now that you’ve identified the brain what does each part do?

Answer each question.

Now you may cut the brain in any way you choose and, look at anything you please.

Do not forget this was a live creature so be respectful and, thankful it gave you this opportunity.

For Mrs. Colbry’s 2nd hr anatomy class those were the instructions they were given to follow as today was brain dissection day.

Some kids couldn’t contain their excitement

“I felt as if I were a real doctor,” said senior Xitlali Garcia (who has aspirations of becoming a doctor).

Others dreaded today.

“I physically can’t handle stuff like that. Sat across the room from everything,” said senior Abrianna Bowman.

Unlike the other dissections this one consisted of a quiz you had to complete in order to continue on in the dissection.

Colbry came up with this idea when she had to cancel just a normal quiz because knowing brain parts while keeping up to date with up to date research was a challenge even for her.

All in all today went off without a hitch and, students had a great time.

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