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Briana Vazquez

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Last week, four of 40 Young Americans came all the way from California to come recruit students for their show on March 26. Young Americans is a nonprofit performing group.

Students have to register online at there is no due date so you can sign up any time. The cost to this is free and a chance of a lifetime.

“I’ve always loved to sing and them showing this it encourages me even more,” said sophomore Katelynn Guerrero.

You don’t need to know how to sing, dance or act; that’s what they’re here for. It will be a three-day event, March 23 – 25. The first day will just be registering and getting to meet everyone. The second day will be continuing to learn what you started the first day. Students will work all day Friday and Saturday learning the dances, songs and everything else for the performance that saturday night of the 25 .

“It sounded really cool; they’re their actual professionals who know how to sing, dance and act,” said Junior Heather Hissong.

The day of the show, 40 of the Young Americans will hold a professional performance, and the second half will be a show with the 7th-12th grade students who registered.

The Young Americans will perform at about 20 other schools per tour. Performers stay with host families in the towns they visit. Anyone interested in hosting a member of the Young Americans can sign up at their website:

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