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This is the Teachers team for the Staff v. Student Basketball Game
This is the Teachers team for the Staff v. Student Basketball Game

The staff and students on the court were drenched in sweat, time was running out, and a war was about to be won. Athletic trainer, Kevin Rosenbrook, had victory in his eyes. From the 3-point line, he took the final shot and it was as if everything was in slow motion. The ball was up in the air….. touched the rim….. and made it through the net! BUZZ! The teachers scored the win!
Teachers did indeed teach their students a lesson when it comes to basketball this past Wednesday when they took on any and all students who were up to the challenge within the court. To name a few, the winning team included Kevin Rosebrook, Chad Foster, Alison Lux, Scott Goodman, Bethann Barron, Kyle Wills, and Tim Walker.
“It’s fun being involved with the students and other faculty members, participating in something that’s enjoyable for the kids,” said 7th grade Math teacher, Bethann Barron. Barron also played a big part leading up to her team’s victory. “Scoring a 3-pointer, that was pretty awesome.”
8th grade Science teacher, Scott Goodman, also recalled his most enjoyable part of the game.
“Being together as a team, being out there on the floor, that was good,” Goodman said. Goodman is also one of the few returning players to this annual event.
“I’ve done it before and I’ve always enjoyed it,” Goodman said, “I think it’s a good morale booster for the teachers and students for forever.”
“The most memorable moment was when [Rosenbrook] made that 3 at the end to win,” said 8th grade Algebra teacher, Alison Lux. “[The win] was well deserved considering the depth of the student bench compared to the depth of the staff bench.”
Staff members may have gotten the win this time, but next year, students will make sure that the outcome is different.

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