Human Anatomy Class Doing Rat Dissections

Jennifer Tran
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The Human Anatomy class plans on doing rat dissections over a time frame of two days starting on Monday. Students will be working in groups to cut open a dead rat to examine its anatomy using instruments like blunt nose scissors and sharp scalpels. While some of group members do the dissections, one person will also opt out of the hands-on part of the process to fill out a related worksheet.
Originally the rat dissections were scheduled for Thursday and Friday, but had to be postponed due to complications with the order of the rats.
“Someone [downtown or at the company] messed up and didn’t do what they were supposed to do,” said Human Anatomy teacher Ashley Colbry. “The order never got purchased… and the company has no record whatsoever of the purchase order. I am not happy about it.”
Students were cautioned beforehand to not mess around during the process and take it seriously.
Some students have mixed emotions about the dissections because of the warning.
“[I am feeling] excited but nervous because I might accidentally cut myself,” said senior Marwa Aljazi. “[I am] not nervous about the rat. I feel like I might do something wrong because [the teacher] said to treat [the rat] with respect.”
However, some students are assured that their group will be able to manage and do a good job.
“[My group members and I] tend to work good as a group and we can easily get a lot done,” said junior Dimitrius Harris. “We all are very productive, so I’m confident we will be successful in the dissection.”
By the end, students hope to learn more about the body through the process.
“[I hope to learn] where the organs are, the names [of the organs], their positions, and the whole dissection process,” said senior Maria Martinez.

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