Day of the Dead Assembly

Ali Aljazi
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The world is flavored with a variety of cultures. This diversity is a major part of Everett, making it a great place for anybody. On Friday November 4, Everett’s Spanish club will do dances for the Day of the Dead Assembly.
Day of the Dead is a holiday that dates back to the Aztecs. It is a time to remember the dead and today celebrated by some Mexicans. The assembly is not exactly representative of Day of the Dead tradition, but is still cultural and fun for the students.
“The dances aren’t actually Day of the Dead dances,” said Spanish teacher Marie Anderson. “A lot of the girls wanted to do a dance and we got something put together.”
The dancers will perform a mamba, a bachata and Thriller. Although the dances are not a traditional dance for Day of the Dead, they represent Latino culture.
“Most of the style in the dances come from African Americans that were brought into the Caribbean,” said Anderson. “The dances show culture and entertain students.”
Some of the students who participate in the dance have Latino descent, while some don’t. It’s a way of connecting the different cultures and is enjoyable to the students.
“I love, love, love to dance,” said junior Martaysia McLane. “The dances are different than what I am used to, but it is still fun.”
The group has connected very well and came a long way from where they started. Some of the dancers had not had much experience in dance, but they practiced and got it down.
“I liked working with [the group],” said McLane. “They are dedicated and fast learners, which makes me happy. I am excited to perform on Friday.”
Each performance can have its struggles. For the group it was a last second replacement, who was added a day before the performance.
“I felt rushed,” said Senior Diego Martin. “The bachata is tough, but I am excited to perform.”
The dancers will perform during sixth hour and requires reservations by a teacher for each class. Everyone is encouraged to witness the product of the dancers’ hard work.

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