Senior Group Photo

Ali Aljazi
Opinion Editor

Seniors got together in the courtyard for a group photo to create a memory for their final year in high school. Seniors were dismissed from class at 2:30, and the moment was captured just before the bell went off at 2:40 in the courtyard.
Seniors were scattered at the start, and it took some effort to get the students together for a great photo. The idea of a photo resonated among some students.
“[Taking the photo was] a mess,” Said senior Hussain Jasem. “It was a great idea, but it could’ve went better.”
Once seniors made it to the courtyard they lost control and made things more difficult. Students were shocked at the behavior of others.
“It felt like they had never taken a picture before in their life,” said senior Zeinab Abukar. “I feel bad for Sanders who was [on the roof] trying to get the picture together. It looked like he was going to fall off.”
The freedom outdoors caused the students to get excited. Students were too loud making it hard to get the photo. Some were distracted and blocked out the voice of the photographer, Chad Sanders.
“[Getting the kids together was] fine,” said newspaper adviser Chad Sanders. “[Although] I do wish I had a megaphone. [In the end] we got it together and I’m excited for the photo.”
The photo will be sold at eight dollars during the pre-sale and once they are printed they will be ten dollars. To each a specific memory could be recalled from the photo. Some might laugh. Others may cry. But all will reminisce with each look upon the photo

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