First CAAC Match

Goalkeeper Djamal Adam dives for a ball in the shootout verse Holt.
Goalkeeper Djamal Adam dives for a ball in the shootout verse Holt.
October 4th, the Everett boys soccer team played Holt for a spot in the Silver Cup. Everett’s soccer team played an amazing and tough 80 minutes, but lost in a heartbreaking shootout. Everett held the lead all the way through the first half and all the way up to the eighteenth minute of the second half.
“We dominated the first half. We played much better the first half than the second half and I am proud of them,” said varsity coach Scott Wesley.
Actual time ended, and the score was a tie. But there has to be a winner in the CACC match, so they went straight to penalty kicks. The crowd was silent, patient to witness the sweet goal made or the awesome save by the goalkeeper. In this case, both team’s goalkeepers did not make any saves. All goals were made except one, when Everett forward Ahmad Mohamed shot the ball and just missed, hitting the goal post. That was enough to eliminate the Vikings from the Silver Cup.
“Many of the players have their heads down, but why? They played their hearts out and never gave up. EVERY player tried the whole game and were actually in the lead for a while,” said Sophomore Alex Herrera.

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