Juniors take the S.T.E.P. towards an employment opportunity!


Stherlyne Osterne

May 17, junior vikings were called down to the big auditorium where they were greeted by spokespersons and current employees at the Lansing Board of Water and Light. They first started by introducing themselves and introducing a program named “BWL First S.T.E.P program”, which is a school training and employment program where the students who are accepted into the program will be paid an average of $10 an hour for half of the school day.

“S.T.E.P is work base learning opportunity for senior students to be employed during second semester from January through May and any senior from the water border and light areas are eligible to attend orientation and apply for the program” said training analyst Tansay Carter (First S.T.E.P coordinator).

The orientation is expected to be held the September 15 from 6pm to 8pm at their location by Reo Town and the student who plans on attending need to have a parent or guardian present. Once they get their applications from the orientation they have to submit an essay on themselves and have a GPA point average of 2.0. Upon being accepted the students will be sent to sparrow for a drug screening and if they don’t pass they unfortunately will have to lose this opportunity

“We once had an amazing young man who applied and when we accepted him right away , we were excited to have him on board but when he went to the screening he didn’t pass and that was an unfortunate thing,” said the manager of organizational development and training Dallas Burdick.

The requirements are not very difficult but because it has become such a city wide program where every students in the Lansing district can apply and attend and with that it will become a competition and standing out out of those applications and essays will be a very difficult task.

“I would encourage all students involved in the BWL S.T.E.P program to get involved this summer with any mentorship training or volunteer position. They may call any non profitable organizations [such as boys and girls club, 4H, girl scouts and even the local library] because they recognized this to be the information they would be more interested in the applications submitted which shows commitment dedication and shows actual work experience,” said college adviser Ezekiel Moreno.

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