Pay at(tent)ion AP students! Mr. Billing’s cool way to study.

Camping outside during AP week is a tradition for the the students of Benton Billings
Camping outside during AP week is a tradition for the the students of Benton Billings

Celaina Boylan-Castilla
Features Editor

It’s that time of year again; AP Testing! Students are cramming with their eyes glued to flash cards and notebooks. Textbooks fill their arms and caffeine fills their veins. Students are doing everything to try and score that college credit from the AP test. Studying for some can come easy, while others can get too overwhelmed with the thought of remembering all the information. Studying can be hard because finding a calm spot to study can be nearly impossible. However, there is one place that only comes around during AP testing that offers a calm and chill environment for AP students to study. Mr. Billings AP study tent!

AP European History and AP Government teacher Benton Billings sets up a small awning and lawn chairs outside for his AP students to study under. The students can bring snacks along with their study tools. The tent is set up all day long and students can come down during any hour that works for them and study. Many students will spend the whole day down there studying and working hard. Mr.Billing’s started the outside study group when he started teaching AP.

“I started this group for a bunch of reasons. The main one is to get them away from me for a while, so that they hear other students voices, to get them outside and their blood pumping, and mainly to get them out there to collaborate with each other,” said Billings.

The study group offers many different things to the students; a calming environment, a break from the stuffy school air, and a time to collaborate with other students and come up with different study skills. The study group has helped many students and has proven effective by the AP results and the students themselves.

“I always try to be done with the class 4 or 5 days before the exam, and then I just get rid of the kids. While they are still in my class, I just have them study by themselves so they can focus.” said Billings


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