Dance Crew final performance at Dance Art and Desert

The Dance Art and Desert is the Viking Dance Crew's final performance.
The Dance Art and Desert is the Viking Dance Crew’s final performance.
Stherlyne Osterne
On April 25 the Viking Dance Crew held their last dance concert for free, allowing the audience to come and enjoy their exciting performance. After each of the selected dances were performed, everyone was allowed to get some scrumptious sweets and go to the small auditorium to see some of the art the Viking talent students showcased.The show started at 7:00 pm and ended at 8:00pm

There was about 13 acts performed where during each break the dancers had about a couple seconds to change into their next costumes. From all black, to red tutus, to all bright neon colors, the dancers showed off a variety of different outfits! The songs hit many types of genres, from slow ballet types of music to hip-hop to rap, to even the Mario theme song (with matching costumes)!

“ I brought my kids with me and we honestly enjoyed every act,” said audience member Christine Lundi.

The enthusiastic crowd cheered and clapped on for the dancers when they finished each presentation. There were as many students as parents, and plenty of other supporters there as well. They showed the most optimum respect and contribution. The show ended with a performance of remixed version of all the hit songs starting from 2015 to early 2016.

“I am still hyped about how good we look on videos,” said senior Alexis Evans.

After everyone exited the auditorium, there was a little chaos as the hallway was a little overcrowded by the eager parents and dancers who were getting compliments and flowers about how great a performance they have put on.

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