To procrastinate or not to procrastinate! The return of the Macbeth poster!

Honors English teacher Robin Elliott assigns the infamous Macbeth poster every year! Beware juniors!
Honors English teacher Robin Elliott assigns the infamous Macbeth poster every year! Beware juniors!
Kylie Skuse

“All hail Macbeth! Hail to thee, thane of Glamis!” – Macbeth, act one scene one.

Though the three weird sisters hailed him one by one, any junior in Elliott’s World Literature class is less than excited for the would be king.

While following the story of this Shakespearean Classic, each student must construct their own cast of the “Scottish Play”, come up with the reason why each actor or actress would be perfect for the role given to them and give one quote from the play for each character to show the student’s understanding of the characters’ personalities.

Centering on eight characters, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Macduff, Lady Macduff, Banquo, Hecate, Malcolm and King Duncan, the students must find the right headshots for each character’s actor/actress. Labeling who they are and what role they will be entering.

Now that the due date looms in the haze of tomorrow, students are scrambling to make up for wasted time. First finding their cast and printing out headshots, before searching their purple literary books for just the right quote. After the last bell, every student rushes to the second floor to borrow one of the large books before they’re gone, leaving only one left in the class.

Though it causes unprepared students, or students unable to attend school complain and grumble, this project allows each child to be creative in the planning and construction of the project, allowing them to use their imagination. With only a few mere guidelines to nudge each student along, using the help given by Ms. Elliott and reference regarding pop culture. To go above and beyond would not be hard, however the bar set high from previous classes who have gone out of their way to impress her, causes her current kids to search for something a bit more original in the short time they have left, yet still be grateful they don’t have to go up and present their work.

So to all the students ripping out their hair as they work feverishly on these projects, don’t forget a title!

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