The Lansing Promise Dinner celebrates four years of bringing education to aspiring young minds!

Seniors Dan Tran and Madisyn Harrison watching Earth, Wind & Fire's special performance.
Seniors Dan Tran and Madisyn Harrison watching Earth, Wind & Fire’s special performance.
Dan Tran
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On the evening of May 22 at the Lansing Center, many of Lansing’s residents celebrated the fourth anniversary since the founding of the Lansing Promise Scholarship. Raising over one million dollars used directly towards the scholarship over four years, the Lansing Promise was able to send many students college bound! Delicious food! Profound speeches! A killer live performance!

The Lansing Promise Scholarship gives Everett, Eastern and Sexton seniors two free years at Lansing Community College equaling 65 credits or the financial equivalent at MSU (over $5000). Requisites for getting the scholarship include the attendance of schools within the Lansing School District boundaries for four consecutive years (and graduate from one of those schools. Otherwise eight years of attendance is required), the completion of FAFSA, and the completion of FERPA. HOPE Scholars have to sign a waiver releasing them from their previous scholarship, since the Lansing Promise gives essentially the equivalent and more! Everett’s counseling department urges heavily for all students to apply for the Lansing Promise whether they want to attend LCC, MSU or any other institution (Psss. Hey you! Did you apply yet?). Halfway from a full ride is a pretty good deal!

The dinner at the Lansing Center had many key speakers. Kellie Dean, the director of the Lansing Promise Scholarship and founder of Dean Transportation, welcomed the guests and presented ambitious plans such as the renovation the Lansing School District schools (which for three dollars a month, provides Everett with a new auditorium, band room, theatre room, set room, and art studio) as well as expanding the scholarship to one day potentially fund more than just two years at LCC or $5000 at MSU. Several past recipients of the Lansing Promise Scholarship spoke at the dinner, sharing their goals and achievements. Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul also spoke, thanking the generosity of the contributors to the scholarship. Other key people include members of MSU’s basketball team. Players Bryn Forbes and Denzel Valentine appeared alongside coach Tom Izzo. Of course, the one and only Earvin “Magic” Johnson appeared as well to congratulate Tom Izzo for his induction in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Both men also spoke profoundly of the quality of students and athletes the Lansing School District had raised.

The Lansing Promise is funded completely by private by private contributions from big corporations like Dean Transportation and SodexoMAGIC, as well as everyday contributors. Roughly 1300 individuals showed up to the dinner, paying $200 to get a dinner. Though the delicious filet mignons and gourmet cheesecake slices served to guests were scrumptious, most of the money paid were put in direct contribution to funding the scholarship! Still $200 is a bit of a hefty price, so Magic Johnson made sure the guests didn’t leave without their money’s worth. He roused the patrons and presented his special guests: non other than the legendary 80’s funk pop band Earth Wind and Fire! A select few members of Everett’s jazz band and symphonic band, who played at the reception before the dinner, were given complimentary dinner and seats for the surprise concert absolutely free of charge!

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