Spring Break! Bipolar weather and The Walking Dead Season’s finale!

Courtesy of AMC
Courtesy of AMC
Dan Tran
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Ahh! Spring Break is here, but here’s a fun fact: mother nature doesn’t know! On Saturday there was at least an inch of snow on the ground, and the weather had definitely been a little bit chilly ever since. Playing frisbee with your friends might have to take a backseat until the weather gets a little bit more cozy. It’s a perfect time to make room for some spring break fun! Travel to another city! Go out with friends! Build a snowman…IN FREAKING APRIL (that’s pure Michigan)! Lot’s of Vikings have different plans in spending the one week of rest and relaxation! For a few of them, there won’t be too much of a transition between school and break.

“I’m going to be reading Crime and Punishment, and doing tons of homework,” said senior Branden Bolte

What are some notable things coming up this Spring Break? Wisconsin’s primaries is coming up, and a good opportunity to see your favorite candidate catch up to the competition *cough* #feeltheBern *cough*! Politics not your thing? How about zombies? AMC’s hit TV Show, The Walking Dead, is premiered their season finale Sunday after running an all day marathon! This long awaited episode introduces a fan favorite comic book character, and kept long time followers on the edge of their seats!

“I was on the edge of my seat and full of anxiety!” said sophomore Jordan Phan

Remember Spring Break is only one week! Whether you spend it playing outside, sleeping in late or fangirling over the Walking Dead, make the most of it!

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