Rotary Club of Lansing gives back: Scholarship for seniors!

Dan Tran
Online and Sports Editor
Seniors short on cash? No doubt, financial problems hinder a huge number of Everett’s seniors in their pursuit of a higher education. That’s why the Rotary Club of Lansing is offering a $3000 scholarship to individuals who represent the Rotarian ideals of citizenship and leadership! Parent company Rotary International is an organization dedicated in creating foundations of good ethics and community among businesses all across the globe. The annual Rotary Club scholarship is one of many charitable actions Rotary International takes to improve local communities, and they want young and motivated leaders in the Lansing School District to be recognized for academic excellence and citizenship!

Criteria for applicants for the scholarship emphasizes academic performance, citizenship and leadership within both academic and community environments, and financial need. A two part 500-word personal statement is also required. This statement is to expound on the applicant’s personal view on the importance of citizenship and its role in society, as career goals and plans for the future. Additional required documents include a transcript, ACT or SAT scores, one recommend letter from a teacher, and another recommendation letter from a community member.

Scholarships are very significant, yet obscure resources available to seniors this year. They are not widely publicized, and many get few applicants simply to potential not knowing about them. Staff encourage all students to take advantage of award funds from scholarships. Alumnus Tristian Walker managed to pay his entire out-of-state college costs from a combination of a full-ride scholarship to pay for tuition and room-and-board, and private scholarships to pay for other costs like books.

“Scholarships are honestly so underrated, even considering the emphasis high schools put on them they still seem to be the last thing a lot of seniors, even current college students, think about” said Walker, “ It’s a safety net that guarantees your education, no matter which institution you take your talents. Considering the volume of scholarships available especially at the local level, students have the ability to make student loans a distant memory.”

The March 31 deadline is creeping up fast! Applications for the Rotary Club Scholarship as well as many others are available on the counseling office’s dedicated scholarship website.

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