TORNADO ALERT!!!! (just kidding. It’s just a drill), Laura Griffith, Laura Griffith

Briana Vasquez

Today was the usual normal day, nothing had been different. Until sixth hour teachers started to prepare their students for what was to come over the P.A.

We were going to have a severe weather drill or more commonly known as a tornado drill. Teacher had already been notified about the drill before time. So most teacher at this time we’re giving students instructions on where to go.

“Okay you guys we will be on the second floor,once you get there find a place and take a seat facing the lockers”, said my six hour teacher Chad Sanders.

We are located on the third floor and we had to move down one floor. He had warned us about how crowded it would be. Everyone crowded the hallways at once all trying to get a spot on the in front of the lockers. There was so many students we had to make a second row.

“The hallways were very loud at first but then when they told us to be quiet we did (as told) so we could go back to class as soon as possible, ”said sophomore Erika Orozco.

Our drill did not last for a long time, only for about five minutes
“The tornado drill was a good use of our time because it teaches us what to do in dangerous situations or trains us,“ said sophomore Toan Tran.

It ended at 1:47 and then student returned back to class for the rest of the day.
Many student were taken by surprise by it.

“I had not heard a word about it”, said freshman Joella Ochaba.

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