Snacks for super students! Snack In recognizes good behavior

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Tons of students are recognized at the Snack In!
Tons of students are recognized at the Snack In!

On Friday March 11th Everett hosted their first Viking Snack In. The Snack In was to celebrate the students that have improved over the school year. It could be something as simple as coming to class more regularly or stopped disrupting class.

“It was just a nice feeling to be rewarded for doing better even if it was just a little”, said senior Mitchell Scott.

The students recommended by their teachers were called down to the small auditorium where they were put into a raffle to have up to a chance to win a ten dollar gift card to celebration cinema.

“This gives us a chance to recognize students that might not be the best but are getting better” said Algebra and Senior math teacher Deborah Carl.

There was up to sixty students recommended for the Viking Snack In. Everyone left with a bag filled with different types of snacks, including delicious chips and cookies. They also got a nice certificate with their name and a small letter from the teacher who recommended them.

“The point (of Viking Snack In) is to get students to want to act better”, said Jessica Ryan.

Everett’s staff hope to be able to host a Viking Snack In every month or every other month. They hope that the next Viking Snack In will be as big as a hit as the first one and students will continue to improve and be better Vikings.

“It is always nice to spread positivity in any way to our students”, said English Literature teacher Robin Elliott.

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