Have to pee? Sorry to rain on your parade: Bathroom escorts!

The dreaded hall... OF DOOM!
The dreaded hall… OF DOOM!

Yicheng Li

Today, school administration of Everett pushes forward new “Release From Classroom Policy”. In general, this new policy brings two major changes in Vikings’ school life – an escort system and a YELLOW official pass system.

“Currently there is an issue with the passes. There are students in the hallway without any passes or a pass for more than one student,” said Principal Ms. Cheadle-Holt.

From now on, students’ use of bathroom during class hour is prohibited during the first and the last 15 minutes of each hour and only allowed with the escort of a public safety officer. In other words, if one feels like using the bathroom only 10 minutes after the bell rings, s/he needs to hold on 5 more minutes. Also the teacher needs to call the main office to request an escort for that student.

“The escort worked well two years ago. And we relaxed a little bit last year and now we tried to tighten the rules now, at least for a few weeks,” said Ms. Cheadle-Holt.

Moreover, meandering in the building is no longer an option to enjoy your siesta unless you have the YELLOW official pass. The pass is also needed if you are summoned by faculty and administration or your parents are summoned by you. In a nutshell, there should be no moving objects in the hallway during the class hours unless they are watched by Big Brother, or have the certificate issued by Big Brother.

“Students are here to learn, and obviously you cannot learn in the hallway. The more time you spend in the classroom, the more likely you will learn something,” said Ms. Cheadle-Holt.

So vikings, here’s some advice. First, use the bathroom when you still can. Second, act like there are zombies in the hallway during class.

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