Another Snow Day? Get out of the house!


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Snow days are great, there’s no doubt about that, but sitting in the house all day can get boring. Here are some fun activities to make your snowy day off even more fun! 

Go outside and play!
Grab your siblings and build a snowman or have a snowball fight. Or, go sledding at one of the many public parks in Lansing. Click here for a great list of possible spots to sled: 

If you don’t have a sled, for $10 you can rent a tube at Hawk Island and sled for two hours. Info: 

Burchfield Park is a little further away, but their tubes are only $2. 

Go inside and play!
If playing outside isn’t your thing, there is plenty of other options. Suburban Ice in East Lansing has public ice skating available. Their Mid-day skate is open to all ages and is $4 a person plus $2 skate rental. They also have weekend/ evening skate for $5 a person 13 and over and $3 for kids 12 and under plus the $2 skate rental. 

Also, the movie theaters are open! Movies before 6:00 get you the matinee rate of $5-$6, depending on the theater. The theaters will be mostly empty which means no dealing with loud obnoxious movie goers. You could possibly have a theater to yourself! 

The multiple YMCA locations in Lansing are also open. The YMCA has indoor basketball courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, racket ball, and even a rock climbing wall (select locations only). The Boys and Girls Club was closed Thursday, but is back open for teens Friday. 

These are just some of the different opportunities to make your snow day a little more fun. Enjoy this snowy day off!

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