Snow Day Thursday? A professional says bet on it. 


According to WLNS meteorologist Jim Geyer, this storm is happening. If it comes as predicted, snow day chances are very good. (photo credit: Diane Miller,

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The winter storm watch has turned to a winter storm warning, and it looks like there is no avoiding our first real snowstorm of the year. And that means that most students are the eagerly anticipating a phone call early Thursday morning telling them to stay home. But students have been burned before. They have gotten their hopes up, only to wake up with a dusting of snow in the driveway. What are the chances that the storm will let everyone down? We spoke with WLNS meteorologist Jim Geyer to find out.
VV: Is there a chance of this storm simply just not happening?

JG: No, the computer models have been very consistent.
VV: When does the weather service decide to switch it from a ‘watch’ to a ‘warning’?

JG: It will probably happen later. Right now, it’s too far in advance to call a warning. We will probably see it upgraded to a warning by this (Tuesday) afternoon.
VV: Have you been watching the storm? Where did it come from?

JG: We have been watching the storm since last Friday on the computer. It came from the western United States.
VV: What do you predict the roads will look like as the storm progresses?

JG: On Wednesday, it will probably be a more sloppy drive. The snow will stick with the rain. On Thursday, it will be much worse. Thursday will be the best possibility for a snow day.
VV: How much snow do you predict?

JG: 6-8 inches. There will probably be more snowfall than that, but since it’s wet it will compact down to 6-8 inches.
VV: Is it just snow?

JG: It is going to be mostly snow, maybe some rain on Wednesday.

Since this interview, the National Weather Service has upped potential accumulation for our area to “6-10 inches.” A CNN map puts Lansing at 8-12. Only time will tell what the storm actually brings, but it looks like Everett students can feel fairly confident pulling a Netflix marathon Wednesday night. If a snow day doesn’t happen, though, don’t blame us if you sleep through first hour. We said “fairly” confident.

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