Deadpool: Rated R for Raunchy, but H for Hilarious!

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Dan Tran
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Ah the movie we’ve all been waiting for! Deadpool premiered on February 12 and cinemas all around the nation have been selling tickets like hotcakes: even to kids. It’s no secret that plenty of minors have been getting tickets to see the film regardless of its R-rating. Most viewers love them film to pieces with an 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, yet people (parents in particular) question the mature R rating. However, before we get to the rating, let’s start with a brief summary of Deadpool (SPOILER ALERT).

The movie portrays the story of our favorite anti-hero from the very beginning. Wade Wilson, our mouthy mercenary, was having the time of his life with his attractive lady friend Vanessa until he was slapped in the face with a terminal cancer diagnosis. Wade notices Vanessa’s distress, and accepts the offer from a shady patron at the bar he frequents. Wilson accepts a free offer to undergo to some less-than-medically-approved procedures to not only remove his cancer, but to also give him cool super powers! Unfortunately for Wade, he donated his body to a lab used to create mutant slaves! Wade is first injected with your stereotypical element-X serum that gives him random powers. But wait! Wade isn’t a demigod quite yet! To activate his powers, Wade is brutally tortured by his doctor Francis Freeman, codename “Ajax” (who Wade mockingly calls him dish soap). Wade finally mutation finally awakes, giving him superhuman healing powers making him almost completely IMMORTAL! Downside: he looks like a Neutrogena before and after in reverse. He looks Freddy Krueger’s first cousin. He looks like Anakin Skywalker at the end of the third episode. In short, he ain’t pretty no more. Wade with some scheming, effectively blows up the lab, killing everyone except himself and Ajax. Wade then leaves to return to society and Vanessa. Unfortunately, Wade can’t bring himself to show his new face to Vanessa. Instead, calling himself Deadpool, he goes on an epic journey to pursue Ajax so he can fix his face.

The hype of this new marvel movie had definitely attracted the attention of minors and parents. What’s the worry though? He’s everyone’s favorite sarcastic, satirical superhero-WAIT! He is definitely no hero! Our sword brandishing gun slinging wild card isn’t afraid to murder the mess out of people that get in his way (and cuss them out while at it). Deadpool is definitely the sexual deviant of the Marvel Universe too. Not only throughout the movie is he more in heat than a jackrabbit during mating season, but he tends to crack plenty of raunchy jokes that may not be for young ears.

“An adult got me in,” said sophomore Jordan Phan, “I believe if you are around 12 or older, you should be able to go.”

This brings up a scenario: what if a parent brings their young child to see Deadpool without knowing about the content within the film? This isn’t necessarily a hypothetical scenario. Nationwide, a few parents tried to petition the rating to be lowered to PG-13, equivalent to most superhero films, so their child can watch the movie unsupervised. Some uninformed parents are outraged about the contents of the Marvel movie after taking their child to see it, which Phan says is unjustified.

“I feel that it is completely unreasonable to be upset after bringing your child to see it,” said Phan, “The movie is clearly rated R and if your child isn’t mature enough for it, maybe your child shouldn’t see it.”


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