Pride + Prejudice + Zombies: Your semi-historically accurate zombie chick-flick come true!

Courtesy of LionsgateUK
Courtesy of LionsgateUK

Julia Tominski
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Pride+Prejudice+Zombies is a film based on the spinoff parody novel of the original Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It keeps the same story but with a twist: zombies! A plague has stricken 19th century England. People succumb to the plague and die, but they rise and become the undead. The high society train in China, learning martial arts to help them fight against the zombies.

The main plot is a love story between Ms. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Mr. Darcy is an officer in the zombie war. He appears to be wealthy, but also rude and arrogant. He takes a fancy of the pretty Liz Bennett, after insulting her. He is conflicted over his attraction with Liz. A viewer can sense the evident sexual frustration between the two characters.

The backdrop of 1797 is very much still there. The middle class and lower class are still present in the movie, with the aristocracy of course being the archetypal snobs you’ve come to expect. This type of caste system is one of the reasons that Mr. Darcy is ashamed of his love for Liz Bennett.

The Bennett sisters are strong characters as they are in the novel. Elizabeth Bennet is depicted as strong and independent, and her sister Jane is portrayed as shy yet beautiful. Kitty and Lydia are still giggly and young. Mary isn’t in the movie as much as she is in the original but how strong they are with family and fighting is evident.

I personally love this movie. If you’re a horror movie fan, it’s not that scary. The zombies aren’t particularly terrifying: they’re just your average everyday zombies. It’s adheres more to the genre of a romance than a horror movie. Of course, if you’ve ever seen the original Pride and Prejudice, it sticks very close to the story. I like how Elizabeth isn’t just strong as a woman, she’s also a strong warrior. As a strong woman myself and an adherent to feminism, I love how the women are represented in this story. Anyone interested in seeing Pride+Prejudice+Zombies can see it in theaters now.

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