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2016 is here! You know what that means, Netflix is releasing more content for us to binge watch until our eyes are as red as blood, every move we make is tiring, and you keep getting annoyed by the “Are You Still Watching?” message.

In February, Netflix will release titles ranging in time periods from 1969 to this current year. There will be older movies, new movies, long awaited sequels, new Netflix originals, and follow ups to kids shows that you probably have watched before.

A few shows/movies that you may be very excited for are: Better Call Saul, which is a Breaking Bad prequel about the lawyer Saul Goodman, which comes out on the first. Scooby-Doo one and two, it’s the live action movies of Scooby-Doo and the gang, which also comes out on the first. Land Before Time XIV, which is the 14th Land Before Time to ever come out, it hits Netflix on the second. Marvel Super Hero Adventures, which is an animated movie where the Marvel Heroes team up to defeat Loki, and comes out on the 24th. And finally, Fuller House: Season 1, which is a spin-off of Full House and it is based around D.J. calling Stephanie and Kimmy to help her raise three boys, and that’s coming out on the 26th.

Childhoods will be revisited along with current favorites being expanded on.

“I’m a Breaking Bad watcher. I’m trying to finish the fifth season before I watch Better Call Saul, but I’m excited to watch that. Other than Better Call Saul, I’m probably going to watch the new Land Before Time, because that’s my childhood,” said Freshman, Chance Behrens.

Some people are excited for shows to start coming out, but to some it’s really about the actors behind some of our favorite characters.

“I really like Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman). I like the work he did before Netflix was even around, like back in the 90’s. He was in a show called Mr. Show with Bob and David. He’s a funny guy, even before he was Saul,” said New Tech coordinator, Mitch Foster.

The Netflix originals that are going to be added to the list and/or are getting new seasons are: Degrassi: Next Class,  Fuller House: Season 1, House of Cards: Season 4, Daredevil: Season 2, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, and Orange is the New Black: Season 4.


House Of Cards


Fuller House

Orange Is The New black

Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

Degrassi: Next Class

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