The last homecoming pep rally! Homecoming and promposal!

Stherlyne Osterne


Since Monday, students have shown their participation in spirit week, which ended with the last homecoming pep rally of the year. The nominees for homecoming court were all seniors, so the winners fully enjoyed their last time being in the pep rally as they’re soon to be set out to the adult world. In the morning, the marching band marched the halls with new additions to their enthusiastic march chantings. Many students were high in spirits as they participated in every theme of the week.

“It’s [the spirit week] tradition so we do as best as we can to live up to it,” said senior Hana Alseidi.

In the crowd there were many excited faces, but also some gloomy faces as some disagree on the new decision of the last pep rally of only allowing senior nominees. Some potential nominees were planning on running the second time, but that opportunity was taken away from them. Nonetheless, students did enjoy the rally which was presented with many special moments.

“The pep rally was really nice although we didn’t have as much enthusiasm as the last one,” said junior Alya Al-Sultan.

After the pep rally ended, some students were asked by one of our reporters which part was their favorite during the rally. Many unanimously answered: the promposal. Everyone applauded senior Kieu-Vi Nguyen, as she performed a heartfelt promposal for sophomore Ben Davis.

“I loved when Vee did the promposal and did the ‘when pigs fly pun’, it was the most adorable act ever,” said junior Mariamo Mussa.

The video of the promposal became viral overnight, thanks to senior Alejandro Sanchez post to EllenTube. The video has accumulated over a million views on both Facebook and EllenTube. Both staff students proud to have such a great warm hearted role model bringing love, kindness and full of spirit to Everett High School.


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