Time to crack open those review packets!

Kylie Skuse
As the semester starts it’s closing week, students are rushing to get in that late work study for final exams and even up their grades with as much extra credit as they can get their hands on. Teachers try to help out as much as they can by staying after school to help out with any work or questions. Unfortunately many students don’t come to these after school help sessions.

“Usually, only the most dedicated students come for extra clarification,” said Spanish teacher Marie Anderson.

If mostly A students come to study sessions, what are the students who need the help doing?

“I think the kids who really need it feel so lost that they just give up and figure ‘what’s the point?’ But the kids who get it, did the work and asked the questions, so review is just… icing on the cake,” said Anderson.

Every student has the ability to learn the material before finals, but in the end teachers say that getting extra help is up to them.

“All the kids that need help… They can come in but they don’t. It stinks but… what can we do but keep the options open in case they change their minds,” said math teacher Deborah Carl.

Still there are some students who stay after, even if they aren’t in dire need of help, coming for clarification is never frowned upon.

“The students who come in after school usually have A’s but it never hurts to get more help,” said Carl.

Many students agree that even though it’s not necessary it’s very useful.

“I have all A’s so I don’t have to stay after but I do sometimes just to stay ahead,” said junior Dylan Xiong.

Students are encouraged to ask their teachers if they’re available after school and take advantage of those opportunities before it’s too late.

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