Cool cars get the students’ motors running: Detroit International Auto Show

Ali Aljazi

On January 20, about 50 Everett students got to witness the spectacular trip to the Detroit International Auto Show, the biggest car show of the year. Many amazing cars were there, such as Ferraris and Aston Martins, amazing sights indeed. It was a chance for students to view some of their favorite cars, or even find out what makes a good car.Students were grateful for the opportunity to experience the show.

“I’m a huge auto fan and I loved it,” said sophomore Mahamed Dinki. “My favorite part was getting to see my favorite car, the BMW i8.”

The auto show was perfect for a fun time, but it was also great from an educational perspective.

“The best part of the experience was seeing the concepts I have taught in class come to life,” said economics teacher Lothar Konietzko. “I have taught students about budgeting and the car industry, so it was great to see many cars stressing the high mileage on many cars. It was also great to see the many new electric cars at the show after showing my students the movie Who Killed the Electric car?”

The auto show attracted many people from all around to witness the new cars. People came together and could enjoy a conversation about the cars.

“Aside from the cars I enjoyed talking to this guy who was a Ford superfan,” said sophomore Mahamed Dinki. “He claimed Ford was the best in every possible way and even claimed that Ford was superior to a BMW which made me laugh, but he was a cool guy.”

The auto show was a chance that some students would never have ahead on their.

“This was the first trip to the auto show and I would gladly do it again,” said Economics teacher Lothar Konietzko.

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