Blood pressure rising and grades dropping: Good ol’ finals!

Arin Dampier

Final exams are coming up next week! Speaking for everyone, this type of stress kind of makes you want to rip all your hair out. Passing a final can lift you a couple percentages in your final grade, but failing a final… can drop you one or two letter grades. This means if you’re barely getting by in that class now, you better do pretty well on that final, but try not to stress too much, it’ll give you wrinkles.

“When I was preparing for exams my freshman year. I was always so worried and freaking out and over-working myself while studying, but I learned all that wasn’t needed,” said senior Austin Reed

Exams can be really stressful, but if you take the time to study in moderation, you should be fine. When preparing for finals, you should get lots of rest, and make sure to ask your teachers questions about anything you don’t understand, and make sure try to do all of your review sheets or packets, you get.

“I’ve learned if you try to stay calm, and collected, and do what your teachers suggest, you’ll be just fine.” said, junior Marwa Aljazi

All-in-all just try to stay groovy! Good luck on your finals everyone!

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