There’s no snow day? Slippery cancellation requirements


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Should have the Lansing School District have called a snow day earlier this week? Many Everett students (and teachers) could be heard complaining about the lack of a day off. Walking is tough and kids shouldn’t be at bus stops waiting in such cold weather. Out of dozens of school districts, the Lansing School District was one of the few that remained open Monday and Tuesday. But, wind chills only got down around -5 degrees for a moment, not really close to the magic number for cancellation due to cold.


“In order to close school because of the cold, the wind chill has to be -20 degrees,” Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul told The Voice last winter.


With the kind of weather right now, there have been many car accidents. The road conditions have been awful to both parents and students.


“There had been a lot of car wrecks and hit and runs. People just don’t care lately and with the roads as bad as they are, it gives people an excuse to be reckless,”  said sophomore Martaysia McClane. “I don’t think we should risk it.”


As the semester winds down, there are some students don’t think the district should have unnecessary snow days. Every day missed is another day of having to get caught up with school work.
“I don’t think we should have snow days unless it’s like very severe weather conditions. But buses need to start getting here on time! I’m tired of waiting in the cold,” said sophomore Dallas Robinson.

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