$300 for a class ring? Senior expenses adding up



Ruth Becerril

Opinion Editor

Senior year is the year every student looks forward to, with seniors ready to end high school and move on to the real world. However, with all this excitement comes a great amount of expenses leading to graduation day.

The senior class has been given graduation packets. This packet includes the orders for cap and gowns, class rings, tassels and other graduation goodies. As exciting as all this sounds, many students think it’s a little too expensive and might as well not buy all the extra stuff.

“I feel like we’re being over priced for some of the things in the packet and we’re being rushed to pay a lot of money for something we’re only going to wear once,” said senior Elma Ramic.

The packet money is to be due January 14-15 and seniors feel like it’s too much money to get in only a little bit of time. With prom also coming up it’s been a bit stressful for some seniors as they try to manage time and a budget.

“I feel like senior year is definitely a bit expensive and especially if you’re trying to go all out, which most of us are,” said Ramic.

The seniors think it’s only right to go all out on your last year. However, if you’re only looking forward to graduation it won’t be as much of a hassle.

“I don’t think it’s pricey because there are so many different options. If someone wants to go all out and buy all the extra stuff, like a ring and chain and stuff, then yeah it’ll add up but the basic stuff, like cap, gown and tassel, is not pricey,” said senior Celaina Castilla.

There has been a small complain about the ring prices and open house invitation prices. Many of the students don’t find it convenient to buy all the extra stuff out of the packet and find it to be much cheaper somewhere else.

“You’ll find better prices for the exact same thing,” said Castilla.

Seniors have already started looking at other places for their class rings and invitations so they won’t have to pay so much.

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