Diving into an upgrade: a better pool for swimmers!


Kaitlyn Brown Reporter

Everett has a new pool…sort of. The pool is at Harry Hill Holt High school. It’s the standard: ten feet, it has six lanes and there’s two diving boards. The pool is much better than our current pool. It’s lit better and the equipment is better. Coach Elizabeth Ballinger is enjoying the new upgrade.

“It looks amazing. The pool is great, the lighting is great. All the new equipment looks good,” said Ballinger.

Everetts’ pool is under par in comparison with only 4 lanes, very little extra equipment, and a much small size. Both swimmers and coaches are happy to have a new pool.

“The swimmers love it. It’s better than our pool. It has six lanes, a diving board, it’s bigger. It’s like a pool that we’re supposed to have and it’s a great thing to have for the district, for the community, for everybody,” said Ballinger.

It’s a big upgrade for all of the swimmers. With the new size, boys and girls can now practice together, plus the pool is divisible into lanes based on skill level.   The pool is for the community and it’s open to the public. The community pool is very helpful for athletes because it not only allows them to have access to a pool that is better than Everett’s, but allows them access outside of school as well.   It’s helpful for athletes to have access to a pool that’s better than the previous one, since the old pool isn’t good for training swimmers. Swimmers having access to a better pool can help them become the best to their abilities.

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