Phone theft on rise among students

Unattended phones are very attractive targets for thieves. Be sure to keep watch of yours!
Unattended phones are very attractive targets for thieves. Be sure to keep watch of yours!

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Phones at Everett are getting stolen at a high rate. One minute students are charging their phone in class and next minute they know, their phone is gone. Thieves are closely watching for someone to leave a phone unattended so they can snatch it up. To prevent your phone from getting stolen, make sure it’s on you at all times and it’s not out charging. “We try our best to [investigate] the theft, but it’s the student’s responsibility to always make sure it’s secure,” said public safety officer Mark Langschwager. There are plenty of apps for students to download, to alert them when potential thieves have touched their phone. Langschwager recommend students download one of these for their safety. Search for “anti theft” or “motion alarm” apps for both Android and iOS phones. Some teacher have seen students getting their phone stolen. English teacher William Heuer does bans the use of phones in his class to prevent theft. “Students should not even be on their phone while they’re in class, they are supposed to be doing their work,” said Heuer. A stolen phone can lead to other problems. Many students who get their phones stolen accuse their peers. They don’t have the financial ability to replace a stolen phone, and may end up fighting the person responsible for the theft. “There are a lot of people around the school who will snatch anything they see, and I feel like it’s the student’s responsibility to make sure their things are in a safe place,” said sophomore Daijai Jimenez. One alternative for a low battery is using a portable charger. Portable chargers allow you to keep the charging phone with you. Chargers can be found at most stores for under $10.

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