Coco and Cram: A sweet way to study


Raquel Adkins

Photostory Editor

Everyone is getting ready for winter break, but in the back of their minds they know finals are just around the corner. Finals can be scary and for anyone but especially for freshmen. This is their first year taking a high school final. It is hard to know what to study for and how to study. Simply looking over notes is not studying. “I had no clue how to prepare myself for finals or who to even ask,” said junior Mary-Margaret Bradbury. Link Crew is helping this problem with a few sweet treats by hosting a Coco and Cram for the freshmen. Link Crew members will be going around to the freshmen English classes and inviting students. It gives them a chance to get a one on one with each student they will be helping. There are 3 link leaders assigned to every 10 students. “I am happy to help the freshman study for finals since I did not have anyone to help me,” said junior Katelyn Williams. Coco and Cram is on January 21 right after school to 4 pm. It is the week before finals so everything is fresh. Freshman are can have free hot chocolate and cookies for coming and studying. Who would not want free hot chocolate and cookies? “It is just motivation for students to come and hopeful they end up getting help too,” said Bradbury. The Link Crew also have a program called Link Alters where the Link Leaders go to a freshman and talk to them about their grades. The Link Leaders do not know the students grade but they do know they need help. It is just so the student has someone to talk to and get help from. “It is nice to feel like you have someone to go to and be on your side,” said senior Shyanna Walker.

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