New lunch mandate: Fill up on the fruits and veggies!

Briana Vasquez
December 11th, a new rule has been put into order. The last few minutes of third hour, an announcement came through the P. A system. Mr. Carruthers announced that starting today it was required to grade both a veggie and a fruit. He also started that he had got a call from the school board.
Today lunch ran a little bit differently compared to other days. A lunch lady was standing at the door reminding everyone to get a fruit and a veggie. If you did not take a fruit you also had the option of taking a apple juice instead. But once again you had to take both: no excuses would be made. Many students don’t see a reason why they should take something that they’re not going to eat.
“That’s like wasting food that someone else could have taken,” said sophomore Anna Craig.
All this food is going to waste instead of being eaten by someone who would have. There was more trash, all the vegetables were being thrown away.
“I feel like there should not be a requirement on what we have to take,” said sophomore Jason Cifran.
Other students did not take much importance to the new rule.
“I had not problem with [having to take a fruit and veggie]; I ate them,” said Junior Robert Barnett.
Some students regularly take a fruit on a daily regular basis so not much changed on what was put on their plate.
This small change can cause other changes. The school is spending more money on food which is not being eaten by the students.

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