Trump banning Muslim immigrants: Islamophobia in America

ISIS's extreme interpretation of Islam and the Qur'an deeply portrays the Muslim community in a negative light.
ISIS’s extreme interpretation of Islam and the Qur’an deeply portrays the Muslim community in a negative light.

Yicheng Li
On Monday, Nov 7, 2015, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s call for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” has shocked the whole country for its explicit discrimination conveyed. However, fears invoked by ISIS’s ruthless attacks indeed exist.

Zeinab Abukar, a junior girl at Everett with a Muslim background, tells our reporter about the discrimination she was once faced with, merely just because of her religion.

“(Discriminated) for my belief of course. I once had a teacher ask me if I was in the right class because it was an English honors class, and she thought because I wore a scarf I didn’t speak English,” said Abukar

ISIS’s recent ruthless terrorist attacks, referred to as Jihad (translated as “the holy battle”) doesn’t help their “brothers and sisters” who would being seen in a negative light.

“(I) haven’t met anything personal, but of course, it’s an installment of mass hysteria. Some people are going to eat it up and believe everything about being a Muslim is associated or affiliated with terrorism,” said Abukar.

Everett’s Muslim community would also wanted to clarify some facts that the people misunderstand. Sophomore and Sunni Muslim Mahamed Dinki, would like to clarify the misinterpretation of Islam.

“Compared with a total number of 1.6 billion Muslims, extremists are just a small portion and they can not represent all the Muslims,” said Dinki.

Also, people also have questioned ISIS members’ identity of Muslims. For example, the term “Jihad”, now infamous as the “holy battle” Muslim extremist conduct, originally has nothing to do with violence.

“Basically, Jihad refers to the spiritual struggle against the evil that is in your thoughts, and what ISIS does, the terrorist attacks has nothing to do with that,” said Dinki

When talking about Trump’s proposal out of explicit hatred, Abukar finds it appalling and unconstitutional.

“That’s fundamentally going against what this country is based off. This country was based off of my different religion and people. (His hate words) defies the constitution as a whole,” said Abukar

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