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Ruth Becerril
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This weekend is the big game everyone is talking about. The two rivals, Michigan and Michigan State, play against each other on Saturday. With rough history in the past couple years Michigan has been trying to turn their luck around and this year they might just do that.

Michigan’s current record is 5-1, losing to their first team of the season against Utah, 17-24. With the #1 defense in the country, they managed to win 5 out of 6 games. Michigan fans have high hopes for their team.

“Rest of the season is shut outs. They’re going to be Big10 champs. Rose Bowl champs and National champs,” said junior Alfonso Reyna.

Meanwhile, the Spartans have been on a 6-0 winning streak. Michigan State fans are very proud of their team and have high high expectations for the their team also. Known as the 2013 Rose Bowl Champs and the Big Ten Champs. The Spartan fans think they’ll take it again.

“The Spartans are definitely going to go far this season and be the Big10 champs,” said senior Vee Nguyen.

This rivalry has been going on for years. Overall Michigan has had an all time better record than Michigan State. Out of all 107 games against Michigan State, Michigan has won a total of 68. However, in the last couple years the Wolverines have lost to the Spartans. Last year they lost to State. With the total yards of 186 and three turnovers the game ended with a score of 35-11.

“I’m pretty sure Michigan State is gonna take this one,” said senior Kiara Caston.

However, Michigan fans refuse to give up and are almost certain they have a shot at beating State.

“I think they have a very good shot of winning. They have the #1 scoring defense in the nation and right now are an 8 and a half point favorite,” said senior David Leek.

It’ll all be decided on who is the better team this Saturday at 3:30 on ESPN.

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