New TV Series in the Fall

Isaiah Garrett

With all the shows starting up this fall, It might be safe to say that your weekdays are scheduled up. With TV stations such as NBC, ABC or FOX, there are lots of really good shows crammed into the week. Starting on Sunday all the way to Saturday, shows flood the nights starting at 8 o’clock sharp. Families across the country get together and even fight for the show to watch. Heroes Reborn comes on NBC at the same time ABC has its #TGIT show lineup. How can we watch both!!! Thanks to innovative television on demand, it’s possible.
“I watch all my shows on Hulu” said Junior Davonte Vanatten.
While most people watch TV shows on an actual TV, others watch them on their tablet or smartphone. The only catch is that you have to wait until the next day to watch the show you wish to see. Also, these apps still have advertisements during the normal commercial breaks. These apps are nice to have when you watch a long list of shows throughout the week. They allow you to watch them whenever you feel like it throughout your day. Watch Scream Queens before school, American Horror Story Hotel in 4th period, or even How To Get Away With Murder while you’re exercising at the gym.
With TV shows coming and going, some great, some mediocre and even some just bad, however year after year millions of people give some show a shot and just possibly fall in love. Sometimes there are even protest on canceled shows that have tons of viewers outraged that the show that they loved is no more. Could it just be possible that television shows are something that everyone can all relate to or just get lost in.
“I really enjoy watching Scandal with my mom and brother,” said Junior Alexis Humphrey.
TV shows are fun, entertaining and sometimes educational and they can even bring the family together or tear them apart with team Olivia Pope and team Fitz Grant. Should TV shows have this much power over our society?
Enjoy the new seasons and series of the fall 2015 TV show lineup.

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