Athletes of Everett: Life in Sports and Aspirations

Senior volleyball player Nakia Drane.
Senior volleyball player Nakia Drane.

Deqa Husein
Fall sports include soccer, football, cross country, volleyball, and swimming. Players from these sports have been working hard to guarantee success in their future.

“We face a lot of obstacles this season, the main one is getting our team to be a family.”
says senior Linebacker Dennis Parker.

Meanwhile, basketball is already preparing for the season. Junior Diego Robinson aspires to pursue his basketball career even further beyond high school.

“I have been playing since I was little. Basketball is really important to me and I even plan on playing in college,” says Robinson.

A lot of athletes at Everett plan on playing these fall sports through college and even play professionally. Junior Taylor Arnold is one of these individuals.

“I play soccer and volleyball and I plan on pursuing a career in volleyball. My teammates could be considered my family because lose or win, they’re always there,” said Arnold

The new season is an exciting event. Many athletes with competitive spirit, are ready to jump right back into the season.

“I’m ready to meet my coach and teammates,” said Da’money Trevino. “I just started swimming last year and I’m already excited about it. I know we will do great.”

Playing one sport is fun, but many athletes invest time to play multiple sports. A lot of athletes, such as senior Nakia Drane, play more than one sport. For them, sports are a passion.

“I have played so many sports my 3 years at Everett I can’t even list them!” said senior Nakia Drane. “I don’t know where my life would be without sports and I plan on playing in college.”

When someone hears football, they think of big tough guys, it’s not always that case though. It is an notable case in such a male dominated sport, that a girl like junior Sabrina Martin, competes neck and neck with the guys.This year Martin joined the JV football team.

“I face so many obstacles being the only girl but my teammates make me feel like one of them,” said Martin. “They stick up for me on and off the field. I played soccer last year but the love I have gained for football is unreal.”

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