Apple Keynote: The iPhone 6s and 3D Touch

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6s, now available in Rose Gold.
The new iPhone 6s, now available in Rose Gold.

Isaiah Garrett
Multimedia Editor

On September 9, Apple held a keynote unveiling their new products, the iPad Pro, Apple TV, and iPhone 6S. They also gave a look into WatchOS, the operating system on the Apple Watch. There are tons of new features to each of these Apple devices.
iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6 successor, has a better camera and a new technology called 3D touch, which increases the speed at which actions can be done. The device also comes in an all-new rose gold color which gives the phone more of a variety to choose from when purchasing. Other students, after being informed about the new 3D touch feature, think that having this on their phone would make the experience at school a whole ton better.
“It will make shortcuts and make it simpler to access things,” said senior Antonio Bermudez.
The update allows users to peek into certain applications without opening the full app. Examples were peeking into an important email from a teacher about that late assignment or sneaking that quick text in when you’re supposed to be reading a book in math class.
The new front-facing camera has an all new 5-MP sensor which allows for more crisp, fun selfies. This camera update might make the iPhone 6S the ultimate selfie smartphone.
Even with the improvements, some students believe that there are other smartphones with better cameras to choose from.
“The HTC eye has a 13-MP camera,” said senior Austin Reed. Although the HTC eye does have a 13-MP front-facing camera, others say that it doesn’t have that good look of an iPhone selfie.
Also added to the features of the new iPhone are Live Photos, which create a GIF while not doing anything different while taking a picture. These Live Photos would make a whole new type of selfie or action shot in the school environment.
“We’d get that awesome touchdown,” said sophomore Collin Matthews. In the event of trying to shoot an “awesome touchdown” you have to get it at the right moment, but with Live Photos if you get a shot around the time of the touchdown you get an awesome playback of the whole action shot.
On Friday September 25, Apple will release their new phones in the United States. Everyone will be able to take their crisp selfies and peek into that important email and enjoy the new look of the rose gold color option.

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