Varsity football headed to Akron; are LeBron and Magic?

 Erin Arnold
Managing Editor

The varsity football team will travel to play Saint Vincent-Saint Mary in Akron, Ohio tomorrow at 7pm. Assistant varsity football coach Chad Foster explains how the team got this opportunity.

“I put out on different websites that we needed a game. [St. Vincent St. Mary] wanted to play a team from Michigan…someone they hadn’t played before,” said Foster. “They saw that we made the playoffs the last couple of years and we got a game together.”

After the boys have their game against the team from Akron, they will be visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame the next day.

Head Coach Marcelle Carruthers said the trip will be a great chance for the players.

“The game will be a good experience for the team and the program,” said Carruthers. “They get to go out of town and play a powerhouse team, they get to go to the hall of fame. Not many kids gets that kind of opportunity.”

There are rumors going around that Magic Johnson and Lebron James will be attending the game, as James is a St. Vincent-St. Mary alum.

“There are a lot of people who think Magic and Lebron are going to be there,” said Ballinger. “No one from St. Vincent St. Mary has said anything like that.”

Even though having these two athletes at the game is a pretty exciting thought, Carruthers said that the team has more important things to focus on.

“We’re more focused on the game. If they come, that will be a bonus for the kids,” said Carruthers. “We’re just focused on what we need to do to win.”

Saint Vincent-Saint Mary and Everett are fairly evenly matched, according to Carruthers.

“[St. Vincent St. Mary] are very sound… They’re like a mirror image of Everett,” said Carruthers. “Whoever makes the least mistakes should win.”

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