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Kaley McEnhill

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March 9, Everett’s Girl’s tennis team started practice for their upcoming season.  Practice is every day of the week, either in the activity room or at Court One Athletic Center. For the newcomers Girl’s Tennis Coach Judy Kramer focuses on teaching the basics like how to hold a racquet, keeping score and general court etiquette. Returning girls focus on trying to hit as many balls as possible to increase consistency and control, as well as developing match toughness and strategies for competitive play.

A total of 30 girls were interested in tennis this year and came out to conditioning practices.

“We always struggled to field an entire roster for matches [and this year I don’t think that will be a problem],” said Kramer.

Kramer is very pleased with how practice is going so far.

“I have already see a number of girls who couldn’t make consistent contact with the tennis balls the first week of practice and now this week they are able to make contact,” said Kramer.

First timer Joi Thurman has already had a great experience so far at practice.

“I love going to practice because I’m learning how to play something new,” said Thurman.

Captain Emily Barshaw said she wants to have a good relationship with each player.

“My first year the captains were not involved,” said Barshaw. “They were never involved, and rarely showed up to do things. This year I want it to be different; I want to be the kind of captain that a has a good relationship with all the members and helps them all succeed,” said Barshaw.


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