Your Voice: Counselors need to make more time for seniors


Sarah LaVasseaur

Guest Reporter

Seniors are beginning to apply for college, and many are doing early application deadlines, but the counselors are providing little to no help when students need it. They are slacking off this year, making everyone very stressed.Many seniors have been going on a daily basis to get ACT fee waivers, get college transcripts sent, and application fee waivers, but no one ever seems to be in their office.

“After going in [the counseling center] for nearly two weeks and requesting to meet with my counselor to get an ACT fee waiver, the counselors didn’t call me down until the very last day to register for the October test day, “ said senior Tiffany July. “And I wasn’t even here.”

Even if the counselors aren’t in there, students are supposed to fill out a request form to see their counselor and will be called down once the counselor is available. Some students don’t get called down at all and do other things to get the attention of the councilors.

“I slide my appointment requests under the door instead of putting them in the box,” said senior Kendra McFadden.

Last year, there was a college adviser for students go to for help when applying to college and getting scholarships. This year, there is no one like that to help.

“[The counselors] tell all the seniors to stay on top of our applications and to get all these scholarships, but there is no college adviser,” said McFadden.

We all understand that with the 7th and 8th graders joining the school population the counselors are really busy, but it would be less stressful for the seniors if they helped just a little more.

Although it is understandable that the counselors are busy and even with seniors taking drastic measures to get their attention, it would be more helpful for the counselors to focus their attention a little more toward the seniors during this time.

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One thought on “Your Voice: Counselors need to make more time for seniors

  • October 25, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    That’s too bad…the kids suffer. Get your parents involved and if this continues to be a problem maybe a phone call or a visit to LSD superintendent (or higher) needs to happen! They (counselors) are right, stay on top of it. Keep on THEM! Don’t let their negligence hurt your future!


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